Friday, August 24, 2012

Is It Fall Yet?

I began this fall wall hanging about a year ago while staying at my sister's house taking care of my mother. Now here it is, finally finished. It became a UFO because I didn't finish it before it became out of season and because I didn't like the way I quilted it.

It's no longer out of season, but I still don't like the quilting. However, it will have to do--moving on.

Because I brought this with me to bind while away, I had to put the Alzheimers piece on hold for a while. Back soon I hope.

This is my first attempt at using the Blogger Mobile ap, so please forgive the terseness and the poor photograph If this ap works well maybe I can use it in thw future

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little (very little) Work in Progress

I've started work on a small quilt for Alzheimer's Art Quilts.  It's been a long time since I made one, mine have all sold, and I felt like it was time.  I decided to quilt the background before doing the applique this time, and finished this square spiral, which I hope will complement the design.   Back tomorrow with more to show, maybe.

My flamingos did make the Hoffman traveling exhibit again.  They will be in Group C, which goes to the Mid Atlantic show, among others.   This makes a seven-time streak, which pleases me quite a bit.

Other news:  I had pieces of both big toenails removed because they tend to grow in along the side of the nail bed.  As surgical procedures go, this is minor, but a pain (literally) nonetheless.  It's been over a week now, and they're still very nasty.  I will spare you pictures of that!  Just a little complaint to throw into the mix...  Otherwise things are good.  Thanks everyone who came to visit after my long time away.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After long silence...

I'm back to post my Hoffman Challenge entry for this year.

This year's fabric with the giant pink and lavender roses is not my style, so when I tried to imagine what else the flowers might like, I came up with feathers.  The shape and color of the flower suggested a flamingo body, and I took it from there.  The design is my attempt to capture the look of a vintage travel poster.  It was rather simple, but seemed to take me an extremely long time to do, perhaps because of lack of commitment.  This was my first attempt at free motion quilting on a contest entry, and it's not too bad, I think.  I don't have detail shots, but if you click, you should be able to see.

What else have I been doing?  I've made several charity quilts and am working on some Alzheimer's pieces.  I've also been traveling--we spent three weeks in China and Korea, and will be going to Spain in the fall.  I've also been to Missouri to stay with my mother and sister, and will be doing that again soon.  So life is busy, just not on the sewing front.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Linus Completed

I love the way this turned out so much that will be hard to part with it for Project Linus. I wish I had a baby in the family to give it to. If anyone else want to make one of these quilts, the link is here.  You don't have to make 15 blocks.  A row or just one is good too, and although the picture in the magazine shows the blues as all being the same, mine are not, and I think it looks fine.

We have about six inches of snow on the ground here, with more coming down,  a good day to stay inside and sew.  It's the first snow day of the winter, and I'm enjoying it!

Monday, January 02, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year.  It's been a while.  Household work and Christmas and other activities have kept me out of the studio and away from Blogger.  I hope to be back.

I did make my mom a birthday card,

and yesterday I had a lovely afternoon.  I fired up a Glee marathon through Netflix streaming and worked on these cute blocks for Quiltmaker's Project Linus quilt.

I've made one of these several times in the past and have enjoyed it.  I'm not sure this time though; there's a bit too much paper piecing for my taste, so I may just finish a few blocks.  If I do continue, here are my fabric choices.  Love them!  That may keep me going.

Also on the schedule is the Hoffman Challenge.  I do have an idea, and need to start sketching, and I need/want to make some more pieces for the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative.  All my previous ones have sold.  Incidentally, the January auction is underway, and the quilts are very good this month.