Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I made fabric postcard/Mother's Day cards for my mother and sister. As I was cutting out the little flowers to fuse into the basket for my mom, it occurred to me how like grade school the idea of a cut-and-paste flowered card was. I probably wouldn't have used that funky striped border in grade school however. The "Big Feeling" card for my sister has nothing to do with Mother's Day actually. It's just a private joke with us. We both hate that old-fashioned phrase used to describe confident people. We heard it frequently from our elders as we were growing up. We also agree that it was often used as a putdown of any woman who dared to express herself with any certainty. So--"Big Feeling" is a good thing to be! When I saw the women on this fabric, I had to make the card.


Allison said...

Your mom and sis will be so happy to get your fun and loving creations!
Sisters are the best!

Scrapmaker said...

Great postcards! I like the "circle" quilt you've been working on too. Jen

Deb H said...

I love these. Isn't it fun to do quick little projects that finish up fast? Almost instant gratification.