Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Interpret This

Behind the Gate  22 x 22
Machine pieced, quilted, and appliqued

Strip piecing worked well to give the basic feel of the gate in this photo.  I added the leaves to create a tropical lushness and to contrast with the stiff graphic lines of the fence.  Flat traditional applique didn't seem right for the feeling I was trying to create, so I attached my leaves loosely, with only one seam down the center so that the edges and ends would curl a bit, giving a three-dimensional effect.  I also extended them beyond the edges of the quilt.

I worked out a way to make a two-sided leaf with raw edges that won't fray, or at least I think they won't.  First I pressed a freezer paper pattern of the leaf to the right side of the fabric, cut around it leaving about a quarter inch margin, and then painted the edges of the wrong side with Liquid Thread, slightly diluted with water.  It's important to be sure some of the Liquid Thread goes inside the margin of the leaf.

After it dried a bit, I fused the cutout leaf to the wrong side of the fabric.  After it cooled, I cut out the shape of the leaf and peeled away the freezer paper.

I tried fusible web for this also, and it would work too, but the glue of the Liquid Thread seals the edges of the fabric, so there's little raveling.  It also gives a nice crisp hand, with a tendency to curl, which is exactly what I wanted.  

I must say it's a bit of a tedious process though.  There were lots of leaves!

You can see the original photo and other interpretations on the Interpret This website.


Liz said...

I really like how you interpreted this piece! The rotation of the fence pieces is very interesting. I think the leaves enhance the graphic lines. Everything seems to work so well. Great job!

jenclair said...

Nice job of interpreting the photo, Kay! I like the lines of the fence with the vines and the element of mystery!

*karendianne. said...

This is really a trip when it comes to the three dimentional aspect. Reading this: "It's important to be sure some of the Liquid Thread goes inside the margin of the leaf." made me stop and re-read and imagine the effort AND the effect. You're skills are so vast and you can do SO much. I think hanging out with you for a weekend, just watching you work on something, would be a Retreat-Seminar in itself.

Suzanne Kistler said...

ooo, I like it!

Barbara C said...

That's really lovely: so fresh and spring-like. The gates seem like trellises for the vines.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Very nice piece, Kathy!
And "Liquid Thread"...I never heard of it but must go Google it now. Sounds great.