Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hello Again

I never thought I'd be one of those people who say, "I can't believe how long it's been since I posted," but here I am.  No interesting excuses.  I've been traveling, doing family things, entertaining house guests, and trying to keep ahead of the Center of Entropy which is my house and yard.  Thank those of you who emailed to see what was up with me.

On the family front, my grandchildren came for the Memorial Day weekend, and here they are using Grandma's glue and fabric scraps to create a multi-media work of art.

And in the housekeeping area, I'm gradually moving part of my stash to this old cabinet my husband salvaged from the chemistry labs.  If it's good to re-purpose fabric, it should be equally good to re-purpose furniture, even though the resulting studio doesn't look like an article from Quilter's Home.

The only thing happening creatively is this little piece for Alz Quilts.

Ami Simms is speaking at our guild tomorrow night, and in preparation, everyone drew a crayon from a basket and is challenged to make an Alz Quilt using that color predominantly.  My color was red orange, and as you see, I'm barely within the rules.  Art has a mind of its own, right?  The binding will be orange, and the backing too.  Maybe that counts.

I hope there's a good response to the challenge and a large turnout for the meeting.  It's terrific that we're having an outside speaker, and especially such a notable one.


Beverly said...

Good to hear from you again- I love your Alz quilt, those colors just sing to me!

I've heard that Ami is a funny speaker, your guild should have a good time with her.

Annie said...

I love that cabinet. with the glass doors you can see what you have and you'll have to keep it neat! LOL.

Ami Simms sounds like a good speaker. I think I'll pass her name onto our guild for a future speaker

*karendianne. said...

What a fun thing to do - everyone draw a crayon and go from there. Y'all are so fun. I happen to really dig this color-WAY. Gosh Kay, what a beautiful piece this is. Your work is always such a treat for the eyes. Really! I'd love to see what the ladies in your group come up with if you get a chance to snap a few?

Ami Simms - wow! You're going to be busy. Photos might be pushing it a bit, ha?

Well either way I'm just happy to see you. Happy, happy, happy!

jenclair said...

Great cabinet! Love the twins and their enthusiasm--that glue is getting a work out!

Libby Fife said...

That cabinet is an awesome idea-how nice to see what you have and don't have without having to paw through boxes and drawers.

The boys look darling-just like little men:)

You know how I feel about "interpretations" in challenges. Those pomegranetes look super:):):)

Barbara C said...

That's a lovely little quilt. Great colors, so I guess you chose well from the crayon box. Your grandsons are adorable--they're so fun at that age.