Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just looked at my Equilter newsletter which arrives on Sunday morning. They're featuring a new collection of Asian inspired fabrics by Lonni Rossi. They're beautiful--huge abstract chryanthemums that look almost like paint splotches, in luscious reds and golds and earth tones with coordinating kanji print fabrics and other Asian designs. They also have her older fabrics. I love the vegetable line--like block prints or linoleum stamps of corn kernals, broccoli stems, mushrooms. My description is lame--go see them. I have trouble knowing what to do with them, but they're beautiful.

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Rayna said...

Kay, just use 'em! Don't think too hard about how. Lonni's fabrics are beautiful. About 5 years ago she held an invitational exhibit where she sent fabric to a number of artists and we had to use her fabric for about 80% of a piece we made. You should have seen the variety!

While I don't have a commercial line yet, I give a piece of hand-dyed fabric to everybody who takes my Jump-starting Your Next Quilt workshop and they have to make something in 30 min with it. Pictures on my blog this week - check it out - what fun!

So don't think too much - just buy the fabric you love and cut it up!