Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Drum Roll?

Here are three views of my Hoffman Challenge piece. I used the Japanese Puzzle block which I discussed earlier on my blog, and embellished it with bobbin work, beads, and angelina fibers. I honestly don't know what I think about it. It seems unfinished somehow, although in theory it IS finished, including the facing (instead of binding). I am thinking about adding more angelina fiber, but the Hoffman people warn about embellishment that isn't attached tightly, and so I'm hesitating. There's probably nothing to lose with this piece however.


Deb H said...

It would be more work, but you could add a bunch more Angelina fibers, then layer a piece of tulle over the whole piece, & stitch it down. Maybe put some beads for more sparkle on top of that. You'd have to audition different colors, & see which would have the best effect. Maybe a dark green tuelle would work well? The other thing that might be pretty, but is more opaque than tuelle, is a silk organza. It can be dyed or painted with something like Dynaflow & remain fairly translucent. I have a piece of black that I did some discharge & over dying on that I laid on top of the AF fibers. I loved the effect. It was beautiful. That's part of a future project plan.

Deb H said...

On 2nd thought maybe a dark purple would be nicer. & the quilt is lovely BTW!

Allison said...

I just really like the shiney patch in your lightest patches...this adds a whole other dimension to the piece.
I like it just fine the way it is!