Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Joys of Travel

This is what happens when you stupidly get on a VERY crowded metro train in Rome on the night of the World Cup final game! I lost my money wallet (naturally, this was the only time on the trip that I had a 50 euro bill in it) and my husband lost his coin purse, which he dearly loves, and of course the coins in it. It could have been worse, because my passport and Bob's cash were safely stowed away. Ironically, we discovered the theft when we arrived at the Trevi Fountain to throw coins in it so we could return to Rome. Since we had no coins, I guess we won't be back. Arrivederci Roma, for sure! I think the title of the map sticking out of the purse pocket (Streetwise Rome) is also an ironic touch.

On a more detached and fair note, Rome has so many amazing and beautiful things to see that it would take several stays to appreciate them all, and I am fortunate to have been able to go again. I will post some more pleasant pictures when I get them transferred to this computer. It's good to be home.


jenclair said...

So sorry about the theft. It isn't just the money, is it? It is the whole idea of people feeling free and easy about doing it.

Know you're glad to be home; look forward to your pictures.

Deb H said...

Gee Kay, that is a bummer. My DH has his pocket pick & lost his leather coin purse on the Metro in Barcelona. I was carrying a backpack on my front & hugging it for dear life in fear of having someting stolen. We had been forwarned. The worse we lost was the coin purse & a handful of small change. We felt lucky.Im Glad you're back!