Saturday, July 07, 2007

Projects, good and bad

I've got three need-to-do projects; one seems attractive, the other two do not. Here's one: I must make 18 more of these little center-of-the-prize-ribbon medallions for a guild show in September. (I've started early because they're such a pain.)

Then here is one of two kits I bought to make twin baby quilts for the grandchildren. I have always said I'd never buy a kit, but these were simple, the right colors, and something I thought my son and daughter-in-law would like. They're basically just squares with appliqued numbers and letters on top of the patchwork base. I'll make the bodies the same, and vary the appliques and the backing.

And finally the one I find most interesting. It's an Ugly Fabric challenge for the guild. The Ugly fabric is that brown Thimbleberries piece. It's not ugly, just rather basic, so there's not much challenge to using it that I can see. I'm going to make a table-runner size piece with oak leaves, acorns, and I think bittersweet berries on a deep greenish blue background, using Jane Sassaman's applique technique again. Now this I'm interested in!


Rian said...

Oooh, that orange fabric really catches my eye!

I agree with you about the kit-- it's a good choice of colors, and keep it simple.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Hey, I bought some of that brown fabric on purpose!!! LOL I think your table runner will be really pretty.
I'm with rian on the kits, too....easy, attractive, babyesque...

Jules said...

Great call on the kits. I think they will work great for baby quilts.

The fabrics you have pulled for the table runner are fabulous.

Kay said...

Thanks, guys! I was having some bad-grandma guilt about taking the easy way out with the kits :)