Thursday, September 06, 2007

Orchid Quilt

A member of my Michigan guild who spends the winter in Florida is organizing a quilt show to coincide with the World Orchid Society conference in Miami next January. Quilts need to represent orchids in some way. Sorry to be vague, but she was a bit vague also. I think the show is totally open in terms of technique, etc., but there is a size limit; recommended size is about 40 by 45 inches, but the limits are slightly larger and smaller. It is not a juried show, but pictures of the finished quilt or WIP are due in December, and the quilt itself must be shipped in mid-January. If anyone would like contact information for the organizer, let me know. I spent some time yesterday looking at photographs of orchids, and I must say that although I've never been particularly struck by them, they're certainly an amazing flower. I'm thinking about doing something for this show. We'll see.

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