Friday, September 21, 2007


I have to go to Chicago to play Grandma tomorrow, and then I have to go to Missouri to do eldercare, and then Grandma again... So I don't get much chance to be "quilt artist". But I have been thinking about an orchid quilt, and just to see what anyone thinks I'll throw out some ideas. I imagine most people doing a "pretty" orchid in classic pinks and lavenders, so wanting to do something different, I'm drawn to the ghost orchid, which is certainly different looking.

There's more information at this link. This is a fascinating flower in more ways than just its appearance.

I can't decide whether to try a Ruth McDowell style pieced block or the relatively simple machine applique style that I've done before. I've already drafted a pieced block which I think I can do, but how I will translate one or two blocks into an interesting composition, I don't know, and they're so complicated I don't want to make one and then have to discard it. The applique is much simpler, but when I visualize it, it doesn't seem very interesting. The problem with using this orchid in a design is the lack of color; it might be striking and unusual, or it might be drab. The quilt doesn't have to be realistic, but still, one of the main qualities of the ghost orchid is its mysterious quality, and I think it should stay white or almost white. I've pulled fabrics ranging from white through pale greenish yellows and, and for the background, dark greenish grays with a bit of purple, and this doesn't look bad. I obviously won't be doing something immediately, so maybe inspiration will strike me. Maybe the fact that I can't commit, means there's something better out there. If anyone has any thoughts, let me know.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

If you do Ruth McDowell's style pieced block I want to watch. I love how easy she makes piecing look.

I hope you enjoy your visits with the grandkids and eldercare is not to stressful.

Rian said...

Yeah--me too--what Debbi said. Use visuals. I think your subject matter is stunning--I love the subtle coloring--go for it.

Congratulations on being a Grandma.

diva of quilts said...

Sounds great! I'd love to watch how it progresses.

Scrapmaker said...

You did a nice job with the leaves, what the heck give the piecing a shot. I've been working on the techniques in that book too.
Your grandbabies are beautiful! Jen

McIrish Annie said...

I love your orchid quilt idea. I have seen some very interesting things done with pleating and folding of fabric which would give a 3D effect. just a thought.

Congrats on becoming a grandma times 2!

Debra Spincic said...

How about something with positive and negative space and then 4 blocks set so they turn into each other?

Jay said...

that orchid picture is might want to check out my Tacoma Florist