Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thread Report

Taking a break from quilt wrestling to report on all the different threads I've been using on this project. Maybe that will be of interest to someone. I'm only considering the ease of use in my machine and the general effect, not specific colors or variations because that's of course something that depends on individual taste.

I'm using Superior Threads Bottom Line in the bobbin, except when I use a contrasting color in the top thread and then I've used a transparent thread, don't know which one. I love Bottom Line and use it almost all the time for machine quilting. It's fine polyester, comes in many colors, doesn't knot or make ugly lines and helps camoflage errors, important for me.

Sulky metallics work well for me; Sulky Holoshimmer and Sliver worked for a while, have always worked in the past, but stopped working day before yesterday. I changed needle, changed the bobbin, turned the spool, moved the spool, everything I could think of. It's a mystery to me. Sulky cotton quilting threads in both weights are good threads. I think the color choice is rather limited, but again, that's taste.

Superior Threads King Tut (30 wt. cotton), and Razzle Dazzle (for bobbin work) are three star threads. Beautiful smooth stitching. So is Superior Rainbows (40 wt. rayon) except it's so fine the ends work loose for me. I think I've solved that problem by using my lock stitch THREE TIMES and then burying the ends. I also love Wonderfil Accent. It's a 12 wt, 2 ply rayon with a beautiful shine. I wish I'd bought more colors in Chicago. I also have some Wonderfil Sizzle, which looks just like Razzle Dazzle, but didn't work as smoothly in my bobbin. Wonderfil metallic with a rayon core is an interesting 12 wt. thread that's supposed to work in needle, but I didn't have a big enough needle, so I put it in the bobbin. Worked fine, very little shine. Then there's YLI machine quilting thread which is also a beautiful cotton thread, 30 wt. I think, and Aurifil Mako, a 12 wt cotton that seems heavier than the Sulky 12 wt although they're nominally the same.

Back to work--I'll spare everyone my thoughts on Viking sewing machines--


dee said...

Hi Kay...Dee here, reporting from Thread Central(heeee)I am in love with King Tut thread and also like Aurofil(sp?)When & if HoP stops sending me thread (one roll at a time-FedEx)I will buy some more King Tut....just not from HoP. Red Rock Threads rocks(say that 5 times fast)I have to say I still like Gutterman pretty well too.

Rian said...

What a lovely picture of thread! I am head over heels in lust with thread!! A girl can never have too much thread. (...my husband doesn't feel that way...)

Zegi said...

Maybe you need a new needle for the two that used to work?

Zegi said...

duh, that is the first thing you tried. never mind!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

First off - gosh who loves thread? No me! ;)

Is this only the Bottom Line thread love because you are art in your quilting or would you recommend to any old soul?

So many threads. Who knew?