Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

So far, so good.

Goal for the day: finish two more zig-zag border strips, and put together a Valentine postcard. This one is off center. I have no excuse for being unproductive, my husband is out of town, and there are no current crises around here.

The new Issue of Quilter's Newsletter is a good one. I had almost given up reading it, but they keep hanging in there. The cover quilt, by the Japanese quilter, Hideko Kubota, is a beauty. It's a lovely mix of tradition and whimsy, with wonderful unexpected fabrics and color. Irene Berry's scrap quilts are beautiful, and there's a brief tutorial by Pamela Allen about making fabric portraits. I also liked the pictures from the Hands All Around Exhibit. Quilts from other countries are particularly interesting to me; they seem so much fresher and less driven by the market and current trends than American quilts do. Of course that may be just because I don't know what the hot trend is in Europe or Japan.

Last week, I sorted through some bins of non-quilt fabric and found several vintage tablecloths. I used to use these in "wearable art" clothing, but had several untouched ones, so I put them on eBay. Here's the link if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. As you will see, the bidding isn't exactly hot, and you can get a real bargain in 50's pink and grey!


Debra said...

Normally I would be all over those tablecloths but in my new era of clearing out my own stuff, I will have to let someone else have them. Darn.

McIrish Annie said...

love your little quilts. I need to go through my orphan blocks and see if there is something suitable to donate.

and it's ok to procrastinate if it's for a good cause!