Friday, September 11, 2009


What have I done in the last week? I've messed around with some Halloween stuff to make some postcards for a swap. I'm trying to use some old fabric creatively.

I printed some more wild flower scans for postcards since I sent the first two to the Alzheimer's Quilt Initative. This took about ten minutes, total, since the scanning and editing had already been done. So there's no explanation for why the whole process took so long.

I made a computer image from a Dover drawing, also for Halloween. I'd be embarrassed to say how long this took, especially since there's so little to show for the time. Why isn't Photoshop more intuitive, and why isn't the book I bought any good?

I put the binding on another version of my failed lilacs piece. Still not good, and I'm thinking about doing some ripping.

And what do I still have to do that isn't done? Blocking a finished piece, quilting a service quilt, finishing the postcards. Maybe I can be less scattered today. We can hope.


Beena said...

You've gotten a lot more done than I have,my friend!!! And a couple things I tried to do this past week ended in complete disaster (laughing)! Maybe it isn't so much that you haven't been productive, as it is that you just need something ultra juicy to work on to make you feel more gratified overall. I can work on tons of things sometimes, but without that special project, the light may not be in my eye. And sometimes a trip to the fabric store is all a person needs~~
You got a lot done! Love the Halloween stuff!

Candace said...

Wow - you're definitely in busy-mode, Kay! I love the Halloween postcards and the wildflowers are gorgeous. Have you tried for photo editing? I like it much better than Photoshop - I so agree with your comments!

Debra said...

Maybe all the putzing around this week will lead to a superproductive week next week. . . .or not! *wink*

If the service quilt is not needed by your guild or a special group, feel free to send it to me and I'll do the quilting & put it in my stack for the shelter. (I know how much you love FMQ!)

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Alot of a little bit of nothing here too... Phase of the moon? We'll catch up.

Libby Fife said...

Hey, I guess you joined the Putzing Pals Club! I feel like everything takes me a ton of time. I think there must be some collective influence from looking at others blogs-you have an unreal sense of what can actually be done!

Your results look great so no worries there!

Nellie's Needles said...

All that sure impresses me as productive. Love the Halloween card fabrics. Your scanned flowers look like one of the kinds I'm working into the Prairie Flower installation.

Barbara C said...

Your flower photos are very beautiful, even if you feel like you didn't get much done. I have never been able to crack the Photoshop code either, even with a manual.