Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alzheimer Quilts at Houston

You lucky people going to IQF at Houston this week, remember that Ami Simms is taking 1,000 Alzheimer quilts (9 x 12 or smaller) to sell. Booth number is #4460. I don't know the details of how these quilts are being sold, but I believe they have a flat price, beginning around $40, rather than being auctioned as they are on line. Anyway, look for the booth. Seeing these mini quilts should be fun, and buying one helps a good cause. All proceeds go to fund Alzheimer's research. You can see all the quilts here to make your shopping list, and there's a search feature if you want to find the number of a particular maker's quilt.

And in addition to the small quilts, you can view the"Smackdown" quilts made by Hollis Chatelain, John Flynn, Becky Goldsmith, and Sue Nickels. These are on sale for $10,000. Here's the link for those quilts. Out of your price range? Just admire.


Debra said...

I'll stop by the booth and see what I can find. I looked last year for your piece but it had already sold. It's usually very lively around the booth and you have to speak up fast!

jenclair said...

Thanks for the links, Kay! I'm stressing about which "Smackdown" quilt to choose. :)

Wish I could make it to Houston and check out the Alzheimer's quilts in person!

*karendianne. said...

No, actually I do have an extra 10k. I was wondering what to do with it this month anyway. I'll keep you posted. Yours until the money runs out, *karendianne.

Libby Fife said...

Puts my price bracket to shame:)

Hey, Ilike the addition of the photos on the right hand side-looks promising and ominous all at once!

Rian said...

Thanks for the link! At least I can see them, if only on my computer screen.