Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Stripping, and Some Interesting Blogs

Here's another strip/string pattern I like for my lap quilt series. Found in Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again, it's called Liberated Wedding Ring. Pieces of varying widths are foundation sewn to a newspaper base cut in this lozenge-like shape, and the triangles are added. Four of these make a 14" block. I wiped out my blue strips, and even had to steal some other blue scraps for the border! And I now have two of these to quilt at the upcoming retreat, where I'm too easily distracted to do anything that isn't very routine.

The newspaper base is a good idea because it tears away relatively easily. But if I did it again, I think I'd just piece the strips together and use a template to cut from the strata. That would be even simpler, and the bias edges wouldn't be particularly difficult to handle.

I came across two thought provoking blogs. Elizabeth Barton laments the way quilt artists keep making the same quilt over and over. This may ring true to anyone who's been to a big show lately. If you're going to Houston, or even just look at the pictures, see what you think.

In this post, Leah Day, who is writing a wonderful blog about machine quilting, discusses the kind of quilting that wins prizes. To sum it up, "more is more." She's right, I think, but I have issues with that idea, not just from the practical standpoint but from an artistic one. Anyway, the post and her whole blog is well worth reading, full of very practical ideas for free motion quilting on your regular machine.

And finally, for readers, I found this article in the New York Times about a woman who almost a year ago resolved to read a book a day. She reviews the book the next day on her blog. (Clearly, she doesn't quilt.) I'm always looking for books to try, and her list and the reviews should be a great source. They're mostly, but not all, "serious" books, not best sellers, but are relatively short. I found some I knew and liked, but many more that are unfamiliar but promising.


Debra said...

I came across this same idea a week or so ago and thought it would be a great QOV. I'm going to make it but like you will probably just piece it without a foundation.

I need some new blogs to read so will give your suggestions a peek.

jenclair said...

Beautiful Blues! I need to get the Freddy and Gwen; I was perusing the first one just yesterday and admiring all their lovely work.

A Book A Day - what an undertaking! I can and frequently do read a book a day for a few days running, but I'd give out long before a month, much less a year!

laura west kong said...

What a beautiful quilt! Thanks for the interesting blog links ... quite a lot to think about.

Libby Fife said...

A book a day? Wow. Good looking top but please, the stripping? That is just wrong, wrong, wrong!!! LOL!

(Above pun accidental)

Rian said...

Very pretty, we love strips! And are those elephants I see marching across the beige fabric? Total cuteness!

*karendianne. said...

Oh how cool I came back else I would have missed Rian's comment about the elephant's. So neat.

By the way, I arrived when you posted this and got lost trying to figure out how you created this shape. I understood making a template from a strata though. Anyway, do you know I got my head thinking about this and - huh - didn't wrap up the visit by sharing my ditsy journey and to say I love the quilts. Can't mention a word about the new blogs (glad you shared though) because I was thinking... well I already went into that! silly karen.

*karendianne. said...


...and I meant to say "I love the quilt" - not quilts" Sheesh.

Joyce said...

Love the blues. I would also forget the newspaper. It seems like an extra couple of steps for no reason.
I'd like to read a book a day but where does she get the time? Maybe she has a maid and a cook.

McIrish Annie said...

I've been thinking about getting that book but thought it might be duplicative of their first one. But you've got me thinking I should get it! I too came across Leah Day's blog. Definitely inspirational and a good resource for ideas.

and Refractive is gorgeous. I liked this quilt from the start. I'm so glad you finished it. Hope it does well in CA