Monday, March 08, 2010

Three Favorites from the IHQS

Best of Show at Indiana Heritage Quilt Show
Star Berries by Gail Stepanek
Quilted by Ronda Beyer

This is a lovely quilt--it doesn't shout "Look how flashy I am," but it grows on you and repays careful study.  The seven pointed stars, the asymmetrical setting, and the subtle colors all give a traditional quilt a new spin, and  the beautiful quilting enhances the whole effect.  Click so you can get a good look--it's fabulous.

This quilt, The Geisha and the Serving Girl, is by Claudia Meyers and Marilyn Badger.  It makes very effective use of metallic fabric paints to enhance the designs, and has beautifully balanced quilting, with very dense filling but leaving some puffy areas too.

This quilt doesn't make a huge initial impact, but it's fascinating.  One of a series of alphabet quilts by Janet Stone,  this one includes fourteen sheep as part of the design.  See if you can find them.  The detail on this quilt is delightful; be sure to click on it for a close-up view.

I had more favorites, but this is a taste.  It was a very good show this year.


Vivian said...

Enjoying a distant quilt show via photos is always such a treat. THANK YOU for sharing these masterpieces with us.

Joyce said...

I absolutely love that middle one but then I am a sucker for anything oriental.

Barbara C said...

These quilts are so different from each other, but so beautiful. Thanks for sharing some eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your nice critique of Star Berries, it was a collaborated labor of love for Gail and I, the first of many for us... I love this quilt and enjoyed the creative quilting process of her fabulous work.... Happy Quilting and thanks again

*karendianne. said...

Kay, I just read and studied each quilt as they came onto the screen. I mean to say - I enjoyed the process of the display. I got into each one as they came. But goodness sakes the final quilt is my favorite and lordy bee there is so much to say about it. First of all, the initials and the year over the top of the quilt, within the border, well that made my heart warm and almost brought tears to my eyes. I felt the way her spirit would preside over many thru the years to come. Whew, that had a real effect on me. And yes, I found the sheep. I found a lot. While I would have loved to be there with you, I can't thank you enough for bringing back and sharing.


dee said...

Thanks for the show. These are some fabulous quilts but I'm most excited for you and your win. I really loved how beautifully that quilt turned out. Great work Kay.

Libby Fife said...

I love the middle one the most I think. I have been really interested in painting and quilting in that particular way so maybe soon?? Hope you had a good time:)