Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Far, So Good

I'm about halfway through the second line of the grid--there is one more set of lines to go to make the hexagons and stars that I'm aiming for.  Turns out it is possible to achieve the fashionable quilted-to-death look with only a walking foot!  Then I will quilt around the applique motifs.  I used to do that first, but I've found it easier to do them last, they look puffier, and I haven't had any trouble with wrinkles--so far.

The quilting is going smoothly up to now, although I had to rip a few lines because the stitching guide slipped and made them too far apart.  Too bad there's no way to lock it in place.  I've put bits of masking tape to prevent slipping, but it will still slip a bit, so now I check it regularly.


*karendianne. said...

Key! Spectacular. I mean REALLY something. I totally dig this grid quilting. I think even I'd give this a go myself. Slow and steady and all that. I returned with Daphanie's machine so it wouldn't be like I'd be tied down. I could try it. Ohhh, what is that book again? I'll have to look back on that previous post. Stitching guide helps though, ha? Hmmm. Well, we'll see if this momentary inspriation holds but these little quilts - surely they don't expect me to hand quilt them all, do they? (they meaning the little quilts themselves...)

Rian said...

Looks real nice, Kay. Bummer about the slippage. I'm surprised they haven't perfected that little guide better. My knee lifter likes to rattle loose from time to time. I used masking tape too.

Beverly said...

It does look very nice- and yes, less stressful than free motion- at least to me. The painter's tape as markers works well too.

Libby Fife said...

The things we go through to get straight lines! I know you will be happy though:)

Suzanne Kistler said...

Your walking foot looks different than mine - you probably have a different machine.

My guide used to slip as well, until I discovered a strange u-shaped piece with a screw in back. I put that on the back of the foot, slide the guide through the u AND the foot, then tighten the screw. It no longer slips.

Maybe you have a mystery u-shaped piece with a screw in your sewing box?

It's looking good, Kay. You're going to be done soon!

jenclair said...

Looks great! You'd think the straight lines would be easier, but I always have trouble.