Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beautiful British Columbia

First, a few iconic shots:

The view from the top of the Whistler Olympic Ski run--spectacular in 360 degrees.  We took the gondola up, the peak-to-peak gondola between the two peaks, and the chair lift down.  Fun!

Sunset onVancouver Harbor, taken from the dinner cruise boat.

Part of the totem pole display in the atrium of the UBC Museum of Anthropology.  The picture doesn't really convey how powerful these are, especially as the light begins to fade outside.  I remember being stunned by them 30 years ago, and the feeling hasn't changed.  Unfortunately over the years, the landscaping around the museum has changed so that the totem poles no longer seem to be part of their original land and water setting the way I remember.

More Northwest First Nations art:  these are two works by the Haida artist, Bill Reid.  The first one depicts Raven discovering the first men and releasing them from the clam shell.

The second, called Jade Canoe, is depicted on the Canadian twenty dollar bill and stands in the Vancouver Airport.  The picture with me in front of it gives some idea of the scale.  There's a wonderful gallery devoted to this artist's work in downtown Vancouver where we spent several hours, totally fascinated.  The anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss said that Haida art is one of the five or six great art traditions of the world.  I don't know how to evaluate that statement, but it's thought provoking certainly.

And finally:
 It's not what you think.  This is a bar, in Vancouver's historic Gastown district, shown below.  Originally seedy, it's now trendy and touristy, at least mostly.

And finally:

This is part of the decor of a new-to-me trendy clothing store called All Saints Spitalfields.  Apparently they want a garment factory theme.  Considering what garment factories must really be like, I don't think that's too cute, but the number of old Singer sewing machines is incredible.  There must be several hundred, stacked on floor-to-ceiling shelves and as a backing for displays.

I'm glad to be home although it was a good trip.  Normal life is very satisfying.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the Normal Life being Satisfying.

Great photos--Vancouver is such a beautiful city. I saw Whistler before the Olympics, I'm sure it has more amenities now.

Good to know about Raven and the clamshell--now we can finally put that Creation vs. Evolution argument to bed. ;-)


*karendianne. said...

What a great trip. I amazed at all the sites. There's so much here I've never seen so thank you for bringing these pictures back to share. And would you look at all those Singers? Good lordy bee!!! I love those Totems, Kay and going 360 on Whistler - whew. Congratulations on another wonderful trip and Welcome Home!!! You were greatly missed my friend.

Libby Fife said...

What a great post! Those sculptures (if that is the right term) are incredible. I can't believe the scale and their presence must have been amazing. I liked the idea of the totems being integrated with the landscape also-too bad it isn't as you remember.

I am with you too on the garment factory theme. Not sure that is the right note for a shop but I do love the display of sewing machines in the window.

Glad you are home safe and sound:)

Debra Spincic said...

The sewing machines in the window remind me of the Anthropologie windows. They are always clever; although, not clever enough to get me to buy something there.

Very interesting native art. I always enjoy seeing native/indegenious art of an area. It gets me out of my own small world.

Looks like a great trip and especially with all those 600 chemists!

Suzanne Kistler said...

Wonderful! Our trips to Canada (including Whistler)continue to rank among my favorites. Thank you for sending me on a trip down Memory Lane...

Barbara C said...

I'm drooling over all those hand-crank Singers. Great photos.

Coral said...

Thank you for posting the pics, especially of the sewing machines on display. Awesome!

Happy quilting,