Monday, April 08, 2013


Quilters should enjoy Blendoku, a terrific game for Apple and Android devices that teaches about color.  I first read about it on Dena Crain's blog, downloaded it, and have been playing it quite a bit since.  You can see a screen shot on Dena's blog, or at Googleplay.  It's also at the Apple app store.

The object is to move colored squares so the the colors blend smoothly.  It starts simply, using different values of one color or different tones of the same color, then moves to analogous colors. Then it becomes more difficult, asking you to move across the color wheel to blend two complementary hues, using the grays and browns in between.  If anybody is familiar with Jinny Beyer's old book, Color Confidence for Quilters, you will recognize the process.

I found it fun, and it has to sharpen my eye for those strange grayed colors that I have trouble with.  Take a look if you've got the right kind of device for it.  One suggestion: the developers have tried to jazz it up by putting in the competitive element of trying to beat the "world average" time.  I think it's better to ignore that, take your time, and try to see the concept at work.  I also like to study the finished product a bit.  But then, I may be just a nerd at heart!


Karendianne said...

Wow! Now this is something I could really use!!! I hope it works on my iPad. :)

Beverly said...

Thanks for the tip on this one, Kay- I've already got it installed on my iPad. Much more useful to my art than solitaire!

Libby Fife said...

Oh, you goofball, you! Sounds like a great exercise and a fun (nerdy!) kind of game. Never hurts to stay sharp while learning:)

floribunda said...

okay, I'm totally hooked! I like it better on the iPad than the phone -- sometimes it's hard to see the colors on that little screen. Thanks for the tip!