Saturday, April 06, 2013

Some garment Sewing

I took time off from the old blocks to make a bridal shower gift. This is the shower gift to accompany a wedding gift of serving pieces in the couple's silver pattern (shipped to their home). My aim was a cute hostess or party apron. I might have succeeded if the apron hasn't turned out so big!  The bride is slimmer than I, and I have the ties wrapped all the way around and tied in the front.  Why, oh why, didn't I check the size by holding the pattern up to my body before?

Well, it's still cute, I hope, and maybe it's actually functional. And the other gift is very nice.

It's been a long time since I used a garment pattern and I found it very frustrating: so many pieces, such complicated organization of the instructions, those wide seam allowances.  In addition patterns are amazingly expensive, serious sticker shock to me.  So I don't think I'll be making my own clothes any time soon.


Debra Spincic said...

Lots of free patterns on the internet for aprons-

Maybe if she is really slim, it can double as a skirt!

Liz said...

I agree - it is really cute. I also agree about what a change garment sewing is from quilting. After mastering a scant quarter inch, going back to five-eighths is outrageous!

McIrish Annie said...

cute apron. I hate garment sewing! very persnickety. quilts are so much easier. one size generally will fit all!