Monday, March 06, 2006

More Quilt Show Pictures

Here are three traditional quilts that I loved. The first one was made by Marie Karickhoff--I always like Storm at Sea, and to see it in red is unusual. (Red is always good!) The second was made by Gail Stepanek, and the photo doesn't do justice to those warm rich taupes. The combination of New York Beauty (another favorite block) and that curving applique is new to me and very successful. The third one is another terrible photo. The quilt is actually white (!) with feed sack prints and a traditional embroidery. This is a beautiful quilt that drew much more attention than that third place in category ribbon. I wouldn't be surprised if it won Viewer's Choice.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Thanks for a peek at the show! That plaid shirted fellow is just AMAZING!

Scrapmaker said...

I really enjoyed seeing these quilts. I saw a couple of them at Road to California back in January. Congratulations on your ribbon!
BTW, you can change the location of your pictures in the EDIT HTML portion of the posting window. You can cut and paste the html if you want to move a photo, then go over to the "compose" portion to see how it looks with your text.
Thanks for sharing these great quilts! Jen

The Calico Cat said...

Thanks fo rthe quilt show - I too love the taupe quilt! (I bought fqs only a few at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show - I should have gotten a kit, I love the look soo much...)

Darcie said...

Thank you for the mini quilt show, Kay! I've seen a couple of these quilts your posts were a very nice reminder.

CONGRATS on your quilt! As it was loading...I was saying to myself "Now that is cool!"...and here it's yours! You've got so much talent!