Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm traveling again, and so still can't do anything creative. I am thinking though! My guild is having a challenge based on the Quilting Arts "How Does Your Garden Grow?" challenge, (although my guild seems to be taking the expression literally--lots of flowers, etc.) I am thinking about doing a picture of Queen Anne's lace, probably with a crazy pieced background to allow for the various greens to be arranged randomly, and using real lace and embroidery for the focus flower, perhaps a sheer fabric and embroidery for the ones in the background. I love Queen Anne's lace and have wanted to do something with it in a quilt for a long time. I have old photographs which I will use (can't post them). Weeds are very appropriate for how my garden grows, LOL!

And as another thought, last week while at my family farm in Missouri, I took pictures of the now falling down house where my grandmother lived, thinking that they might be useful for the Portals challenge being discussed at Quilt Studio. We'll see. It was fun playing with the camera anyway. Too bad I don't remember what setting I used to accentuate the green moss in one shot!


Deb H said...

Great portals Kay. I really like the 1st one, with the window through the window. Neat color too.

Allison said...

I love Queen Anne's lace too, and did a small CQ of them a few years ago...just loved playing with those flowers! It's here
on the lower right hand side.
Doilies to the rescue for me....!

Kay said...

This is beautiful. Thanks. (That cow bra is the greatest!)

Sande said...

Your portal pictures are great and would be interesting to do up for the portal challenge!