Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Paris notes

Yesterday I went to Brentano's American Bookstore and treated myself to two Japanese quilting/needlework books. They have a huge selection of books in English, French, and Japanese. I bought 156 Original Designs by Yoko Saito and another books with title only in Japanese by Kazue Saburai. This book is mostly embroidery stitches and ideas for using various threads and fabrics in embellishment. I bought it for the beautiful small scenic and abstract works, very much like what we do here for fabric postcards. These don't seem to be postcards, but just small pieces, all by hand. They are exquisite, somewhat stylized and abstract. I think they will be a real inspiration. Both books have instructions only in Japanese, but with diagrams and metric measurements a moderately experienced American quilter should be able to figure them out. The first book also contains wonderful quilted purses, everything in the Japanese taupe fabrics. These books are my main Paris purchase--no designer clothes, jewelry, etc. LOL (I've had good wine though!)


Allison said...

Kay, it is so great that you are checking in with us from gay Paree!
I do hope you will post a couple of pictures of those little landscapes from your Japanese books. I am just dying to see them!
Have a safe trip home....a bientot!

Deb H said...

Sounds like a great buy to me. Who needs plastic E.Tower replicas! I hope you can post pictures from your trip when you get home! I'm glad you're keeping us updated. It may sound silly, but I've missed you! You're one of the blogs I read almost every day!