Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thanks for everyone's comments about quilting magazines! It was good to hear other suggestions, like Belle Armoire and the virtual Crazy Quilting magazine. The range of opinion was interesting, but Quilting Arts and Quilter's Newsletter seem to come out on top, although sometimes just for reference, not serious reading and subscribing. I was particularly interested by the people who say they browse and don't buy. So this morning when I had a few minutes between errands, I browsed the magazines at the library and saw these that I thought were worth looking at. Maybe people already know them. Fiber Arts seems to be just what the title suggests, but more information than how-to; American Craft isn't just fabric of course, although there was an article about a fabric dyer; Art News has beautiful work, inspiring just for the colors, and then Bead and Button for all that beautiful work I never would or could do myself.

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