Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Retreat

I spent the weekend at a retreat at a lake south of here. There was lots of chatter, food (both nutritious and not-so-nutritious), fabric shopping at all the nearby shops, and sewing. This area of north central Indiana is rich in fabric shops, including some small Amish ones that don't even have electric light. This made seeing fabric tricky on a gloomy fall day. There's beautiful new fabric out there, and even some of the older fabric is new to me, since I've been resisting shopping recently, and am trying to use my stash.

I made some red and white stars, and to continue my traditional phase, worked on a pile of green stem units for this basket block. Talk about Slow Cloth! Still, it was an enjoyable weekend with pleasant companionship, even though not terribly exciting. Now to unpack.


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh Kay, these are soooo sooo cute! I am usually not into baskets but these make me want to get into them and real quick like, too!

Thank you for the update on your stars.

So happy you had a great weekend out and about

Bonnie said...

Would you email me with the locations of the shops you went to. I am from IN also and we like to take day trips and I am always interested in new shops.