Saturday, June 06, 2009

The June Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative Auction is underway, and my quilt Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden is being auctioned. An interesting feature of this month's auction is the little autograph quilts. There's one with the autograph of former First Lady Barbara Bush, and several with autographs of the cast of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me show, and one with the autographs of lots of well-known quilters. Take a look.


Libby Fife said...

I had forgottewn how nice your piece turned out-good pic.

*karendianne. said...

Kay, thank you for sharing this. It's so neat to see your work (and the others) at this Auction.

Can I ask what ever happened to "Bleeding Hearts?" I'm lookin' for scoop on the final bidding of course. Is that a rude, cheapo kinda question? I don't know... It's meant because I liked that piece and I just want to know how it ended up.

From my heart with love, *karendianne who will never TAGGED you.

rianammerman said...

Thanks for sharing, Kay. There are a lot of nice quilts for auction. And for a very good cause, thanks for bringing that to our attentnion. Your NYGFG quilt is lovely.

Candace said...

Great peeks, Kay! I bid on one of your quilts, but lost - will have to try again!