Tuesday, January 19, 2010


1.  Does anyone have a Bendable Bright Light?  Is it worth the money?

2.  Does anyone have the clip-on-your-glasses magnifiers like my dentist and dental hygienist use?  If so, where did you buy them?  The ones I find on Google cost a fortune.  Keepsake Quilting has some much cheaper ones in the catalogue, and I'm curious if they're any good.

3.  Why do I have to click Submit Comment twice on some blogs?  And even more annoying, on others, why do I have to click twice, and then add the letters too?  Is there something I can change on my settings to avoid this?  Do other people do something to their settings to cause this?

4.  In deciding on paint colors,  I'm leaning toward something that looks a lot like 70's Harvest Gold, except grayer, for my dining room.  I know this is really impossible to answer since there are so many variables, but has anyone had any experience in living with walls this color?  Is it too much?  The room has lots of light in the day time, sun in the winter although it doesn't shine much here, but no sun in summer.  There are no draperies, no rug, and the room opens into the high-ceiling living space which will be Antique White.  (And no matter what some have said:  white walls are NOT a refusal to decide.  They ARE the decision!)

There's lots of knowledge and opinions out there.  I'd welcome any input.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Re: the glasses -- If you just need magnification, get the cheapie reading glasses at Dollar stores. I use 1.5 and sometimes 2.0

Vicki W said...

1. Yes and YES!!!! It's awesome!
4. If you like the color, go for it. It's paint. It's cheap and easy to cover. We did our living room in a dark gold. I like it OK but it's a little bold. I'm leaving it for now because I haven't hung photos or done window covering yet and I think that will change it quite a bit.

paula, the quilter said...

I just got the bendy lite for Christmas and have not had a chance to use it yet. I don't have the clip on mags but I do use the cheapie ones. I just put them on in front of my bifocals.

The Calico Cat said...

I've seen the bendable light in use - looks useful...

If you don't like the paint, you can paint it again. My GF had a red wall in her dining room - she said it felt like eating in an organ - like a heart, not the musical ones. It is now gray... (The gray pulls out a nice part of a photograph.)

floribunda... aka Julie said...

1) yes -- the bendable light is great for sewing on dark fabrics!
3) I think blogs on wordpress (as opposed to blogspot) are the ones that require more work to post comments... otherwise I just assume I did something wrong and push the button again!
4) I have two rooms painted a sort of straw-gold color -- maybe lighter than what you're talking about -- and I love them! We also have one wall of our white kitchen painted a beautiful yellow corn color. If in doubt, paint the color on just one accent wall and see how you like it.

*karendianne. said...

I have the light. I'd die without it. Well, I wouldn't actually die but I'd sure replace it. I have a two Dark Pumpkin walls. Daphanie taught me if you're painting a room where you'll do any handwork - go with a lighter color as it skews the color in anything you're working on not to mention it's hard on the eyes. I'm just sharing but I really don't know. I have Pumpkin Orange walls. Ya know?

Beena said...

People have settings on their blogs, one of which is the word verification. On mine, I just have it turned off. Whatever argument there is for having it turned on, is lost to me. I have had it turned on before, and now have it off...and I see no difference.

I used to have a bathroom that was a golden yellow. Very cheery. I like white walls and neutral furniture so I can change my accessories to any color without things clashing.

Anonymous said...
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dee said...

Careful with the color. I put yellow gingham curtains in the kitchen years ago and they stayed up for two days. I couldn't handle the yellow. However, I painted my living room a shade called khaki green on three walls and it's soooo relaxing. Problem is, many quilts don't look good against it so I leave my Amish-type quilts up a lot.
Good luck and like they said-you could re-do if you hate it.

Libby Fife said...

Well, don't I have tons of opinions? I use a cheapy light that clamps to my desk. I bought it at the hardware store for $15. I can move it at will to wherever I need light. No magnifiers on the glasses-I have bifocals which in my opinion, were the best investment ever. I have the same problem with having to click several times-don't know why. As for the mock-harvest gold, go for it! Our walls in the fireplace room and kitchen are painted what is called "tortilla chip" by Kelly Moore. A pale straw gold and it is beautiful. If you are on the fence, try it as an accent wall color. Remember that the color can be lighter or darker depending on what is in it. White as a choice is fine with me-it is a great neutral and a wonderful background for all of your "thoughts". Plus, you are never stuck and before you ask, no, it isn't boring!

Debra said...

I personally love yellow but am not very fond of gold--probably because I have trouble reconciling it with some shades of brown woodwork and flooring. I do have yellow gingham wallpaper in my hall bathroom and I absolutely love it!

Like Beena, I turned off word verification on my blog and haven't noticed any bad side effects. I get rather tired of having to verify everything all the time--makes me not want to comment, quite frankly.

I do have comment verification on posts older than 2 weeks because I found I had a few old posts that were constantly getting spammed. So, now I get a notice in my email for moderation and I just reject it.

Don't know about the magnifiers--my eyes are corrected for one far and one near sight and that doesn't work well for magnifier glasses. I do use one of those Xstitch magnifiers when I do the Xstitch graphs on the computer but I just hold it when I need it.

Probably way too much info!