Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I've been in Missouri for a week, with my mother's medical emergency.  I'd planned a trip anyway, but it has turned out to be earlier and perhaps longer than expected.   I'm not doing any fabric work now, but some of my quilts have been busy.

Wendy has created a new blog, Quilt Porn, where she plans to show one quilt that she likes every day, without comment.  She chose my IT! piece Down to the Root for show the first week. I'm flattered, especially since the other choices are so interesting.  Thanks, Wendy.

Deb Geyer is quilting my blue basket quilt.  You can see it in progress on her blog.  Her quilting is going to enhance this quilt, for sure.

I sent  my white Texture Study and the black texture study to Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and they are now listed on the Quilts for Sale page.  If anyone would be interested in helping the cause,  look at my blog pictures for a more accurate idea of what these two pieces really look like.

And finally, I sent Ghost Orchids to an exhibit in Florida in January.  Two weeks ago when the exhibit ended the quilt was supposed to return.  It's been a real saga of confusion,  missed instructions,  and lost UPS labels.  The quilt is still in storage apparently, waiting.  I don't know what will happen.


*karendianne. said...

I'm hopeful for your Mom, Kay. Very prayful and hopeful. No fabric work? Nothing, not a darn thing? Goodnessessss. O-tay but I mean...

Yeah, I've learned my lesson those dern little quilts that go off to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. That's how I lost the Elephant. Not any-dern-more.

Those black and white studies are g.o.n.e. I'm not losing those, too. Gee wiz. All for a good cause - and my walls will love me.

Rian said...

Sending best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery, and for strength for you. These things are so stressful and reminders of just how fragile we are. Hang in there.

Beverly said...

I hope all goes well with your mother and she recovers soon. Take care of yourself, too. I know, easier said than done--

Vivian said...

I hope things go well with your mother's recovery.
Thanks for sending me to Wendy's new blog. She has an interesting concept, sharing one quilt daily. I remembered yours as soon as I saw that post.
Sounds like you have a lot going on with your quilts -- the good, the bad, and the ugly stories.

jenclair said...

Hope your mom is recovering, Kay.

Love the white study! Need to check out Quilt Porn...:)