Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guild Show

Every year my guild displays quilts in the Mishawaka, Indiana library.  The library has a large open atrium and center hallway which shows the quilts off to great advantage, and the show is enjoyed by all the library patrons and quilters as well.

Although I finished this quilt a while ago, I haven't posted it because it's so large I couldn't get a good picture.  The show is a perfect opportunity.  It's not been a favorite of mine:  the colors are a little sweet, and it's too regular in design, but now that it's been beautifully quilted by Deb Geyer, and I see it hanging here, I do like it.

And while we're looking at blue quilts, isn't this beautiful?  It was made by Michelle Wilson, and I wish I knew the pattern.  She did a wonderful job of choosing batiks; there's enough variety of value and tone to give the pattern definition but still be soft like a batik quilt can be.

Here are two scrappy beauties, by Kathleen Peterson and Fern Hamlin.  The place they were hung didn't allow a very good picture unfortunately, but I love both these quilts--so much movement.


*karendianne. said...

Fun show. Enjoyed your selection to share with us. I smiled when I read your description of your quilt. It's so impressive to me but perhaps that's because this was a journey with a couple challenges in it - not the least of which was the push you had to put behind it to finish it. At least that's my recollection. So in that way it's got some depth that isn't seen by the eye. It's the feeling that gets me here I guess I'm saying.

Again, enjoyed the other selections as well. *karendianne. who is very regular in design. (it's so true it's not even funny!)

Debra said...

As traditional quilts go, basket patterns are some of my very favorite. Your quilt is no exception. Sometimes sweet and simple is just perfect!

I have that X block scrap quilt on my winter to do list. It looks like a fun idea.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I'm with Debra, I love the baskets and think it just beautifully done.
I am sure it is being admired by all who are attending.

Kathie said...

well I wish I would have know I am here dropping off my DD at college I would have tried for a quick visit to see the show! maybe next year

Libby Fife said...

Your quilt looks so great! It is really sweet but that is what is so great about it!