Monday, August 30, 2010

July August Interpret This

Palais de l'Isle  15" x 17"
Machine pieced and quilted

I jumped at the chance to use Ruth McDowell's piecing methods in creating the medieval castle at the center of this challenge photo.

 Planning the pattern and piecing sequence is like creating a jigsaw puzzle and putting it back together, but once that was done, the piecing went smoothly.  This particular design didn't require curves and only one or two Y seams.  I did learn the importance of clear and complete marking though.  

You can read more about my piece and see the other reveals at the Interpret This! blog.


Suzanne Kistler said...

LOVE your castle!!! Isn't Ruth's technique fantastic? It's a bit time consuming, but as your piece shows, it is oh, so worth it!

jenclair said...

I especially love the water under the bridge!

Joyce said...

The castle turned out great! I love the sky.

Barbara C said...

Very nice! I like the way you used quilting to add textures to the surface of the castle. Lovely!