Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reflections on Work Past, Present, and Yet to Come

About an hour after I posted my Interpret This! piece, while dusting I picked up the Art Institute of Chicago magazine and it fell open to this:

This seems to be a tapestry; there was no other information given. It was just a brief article about the museum's textile collection.Of course I was struck by the repeated ovals and the subtle coloring. (It's actually brighter here than it was in the magazine.) What a beautiful thing! It's always an odd experience to find a work that has some resemblance, even slight, to something I've just done: there's regret that I couldn't create something so good, along with pleasure that someone else found the same idea pleasing.

In other news, I have all the blocks made for this lap quilt, and I think this will be the final arrangement--or almost. You can tinker with this sort of thing endlessly. I wish I'd had more variety of fabrics, but this will be it. Now to start sewing together. My goal is the end of the week. That should be simple to do, but there are other things going on too.

And finally, this lovely scene is the new Interpret This! photo. In some ways, a photo like this is harder than a less appealing one, at least for me. It's early yet; I'll hope for inspiration.


Nellie's Needles said...

In my opinion, your IT piece is as appealing as the tapestry presented in the magazine. Yours is executed in a more limited space, thus simplified.

The lap quilt has a restful, yet intriguing design with one pattern overlaying the other. Most appealing!

Libby Fife said...

I would have to agree with Nellie. I think your piece is a "study" of that idea of repetition. Certainly if it was larger you would get a different result (both of your results being great of course!).

Way to go on that quilt-you got a really subtle gradation with your placement of those blocks.

Barbara C said...

The quilting on your IT piece accents the work beautifully. And your lap quilt makes the most of that simple block. Your organization of lights and darks is striking.

McIrish Annie said...

shows that you have an artistic mind! I love your lap quilt. It doesn't look "limited" to me. the arrangement is perfect