Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Still January

Greetings from the tundra.

What's happening:

I'm preparing these three Interpret This! pieces to send to the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative.  Two of them need a sleeve, since I didn't do that when they were finished.  The pink tree has been cut smaller to meet the AAQI size limit, without any impact on its effect that I can see.

The service quilt that was posted last week is quilted, bound, and ready to go.

I've also been reading, finishing the Inspector Troy novels by John Lawton.

  These are an odd combination of police procedural, cold war espionage, and historical novel, since they're set in London at  various times from the Blitz to 1963.  Lawton wrote four novels, the fourth bringing his hero Inspector Troy to the end of his career, and then apparently not really finished, wrote subsequent novels that went back and filled in gaps in Troy's life.  I'd highly recommend these books.  Troy is a fascinating,  not totally likable character; as the son of a family of aristocratic Russian refugees, he's a bit of an outsider in England. There's an excellent cast of supporting characters, as well as vivid descriptions of English society at various time periods.

What's not happening:

I signed up for a Quilt University course, Playing with Paint, taught by Lyric Kinard.  I debated a long time about taking this class, but finally decided it might motivate me to use some of the fabric paint that is sitting on my shelf.  I've bought the paint because other people make such beautiful things, but after the paint comes into my house, it usually sits untouched.

Stupid as it sounds, I just don't like the mess.  Clutter is okay, but I don't like to get my hands dirty, or spill stuff that has to be wiped up, or wash paint tools.  In addition, if there's anything that says "bad art everyday" it's my painted fabric.  I look at it, and think, "Now what?"  So last Friday I downloaded the first lesson,  read it,  and haven't opened a jar of paint!  I will do the class work; I promise.  Just not yet.


Debra Spincic said...

I have a big box of dye I ordered--maybe 15 colors--because I was going to overdye my old fabric. So, I feel your pain.

Good solution for your IT! pieces. I just got the OK on my 2 pieces I have ready for the Alz Quilts. Nothing moves quickly with that organization.

Libby Fife said...

Thanks for the tip on the book. That actually sounds like something that both Rich and I would like, (a rare thing).

I hope that you like the class and get something out of it, good or bad. I know what you mean though about cleaning up and getting your hands messy. I hate working in a sloppy fashion or dirty work area.

Lastly, I always feel like the unused materials are mocking me somehow. Hmm... a sketch idea...

floribunda... aka Julie said...

Good job on the AQI projects! Also -- thanks for the book info -- I'll look for one of them for airplane reading. I've taken a couple of QU classes but I have a hard time getting the work done on my own (for instance, the tea-dying class... everything is printed out and I have the muslin, but did I ever do anything?)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks for the heads up about that series to read.
I love all three genres and to have them combined in one sounds awesome.
I've gone through all the John Rankin've read those, right? All take place in Edinburgh?

McIrish Annie said...

Will be looking for the circle quilt to purchase for myself! I loved that one when you made it.

Jump in and get dirty! You might find it fun and at least you will have used some of your paints.

It will take you outside of your box which is always good though often times messy...

jenclair said...

I'm not familiar with this series, and it covers several of my interests. Thanks, Kay!

Yeah, I know about buying supplies with great intentions, then letting them languish!