Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Observations of a Lurker

I've been doing lots of lurking lately; for whatever reason, I haven't felt very sociable, so I haven't commented (or posted) much, but I do read.  As I read, I started to divide quilting bloggers into categories.   Most bloggers tend to drift and don't fit in the same category all the time, but everyone has a default setting.  See if you agree with my list.

The Neighborly Blogger    Reading this kind of blog is like going back to the old days when you could chat with your neighbor over the back fence or stop in for coffee while walking the dog.  She will show what she's working on, talk about her day, show pictures of her children, pets, or grandchildren.  This is probably the most common type of blog.

There are subtypes in this group: the Bossy Neighbor, who will give you a pattern to follow along with step by step, or the One Up Neighbor who always seems to have a nice new "toy" to play with or have been somewhere exotic or maybe just has cuter grandchildren.

The Trendy Blogger  Here's where you find out all about the latest "in" stuff.  The word of the year, the sketchbook challenge,  the "let's all post the same thing on the same day" sort of game. The beginning of the year is a big time for trends, but many of them fizzle pretty quickly.  Still it's good to be in the know, and if you're in a passive, observing mood like me, watching the world of trends go by is fun.

The Instructive Blogger  Want to learn a new embroidery stitch, how to make a perfect mitered corner, how to make a stencil out of stale bread?  Someone out there can tell you, with pictures or a video, and maybe sell you a book or a pattern too.    These blogs are a service; they're part of what the Information Superhighway is all about.

The Philosophical Blogger  Is what I'm doing Art, or just Craft?  How can I grow on my Artistic Journey? When will fabric reach its deserved place as a Medium?  These bloggers meditate on the Big Questions.  The sub-type of this blogger is someone who disagrees, maybe snarkily, with other bloggers' answers to these Big Questions.  I love these people!  Seriously.  And I really love the snarky ones.

The Informative Blogger  Here you'll find lots of pictures of quilt shows, shops, new fabric lines, or links to other interesting blogs.  These bloggers help spread news the rest of us want to know.  They must be the blogosphere's  gossipy neighbor.

The blogging world has as many different personalities as the real world.  Did you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? I did.  Sorry, I can't help it if my grandchildren are the cutest!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

Interesting (and amusing!) I'm not sure i fit squarely in any of the categories... I do know that my google reader list includes some of each, though. There are some of them that make me crazy but for some reason they're too compelling to drop from the list -- kind of like that bad sitcom that you have to watch even though it's stupid and predictable! Snarky enough?

Beverly said...

mmm- I can see bits of me in a couple of the descriptions.
Right now I'm more the absent blogger, just haven't had a lot of interesting stuff to post.

Nellie's Needles said...

mmmmmm...I hadn't thought about the catagories of blogs ... mine included. The mix of different types makes for interesting reading. The main purpose of my blog is to share my creative adventure with a touch of personal information thrown in on occasion. I enjoy your blog for these same qualities. I also like your "clean" layout ... makes me want to redo mine.

Libby Fife said...

Oh my goodness! Spot ON! Don't forget the blogger whose circle you can't get in to(the cheerleaders and jocks); the blogger who doesn't respond to your comments(the In crowd); and the blogger who is just too fabulous for words and must create art or DIE(the Diva)! Wait, was that too snarky??? Is snarky still the right word???Great post, you lurker, you:)

The Calico Cat said...

Damn you hit that one on the head - do pass on some snarks - I love em too!

You missed the professional blogger - the one who has sponsors & giveaways - more than "content."


The "I have a secret that I can't share, but it will take up all of my time/effort/creativity so this blog will suck until I tell you that my secret is that I am writing a book & that I want you to buy it!"

& the blog that occasionally are part of a circuit selling something...

Did I mention that I like the snarky...

Barbara C said...

Very sharp observations Kay. Like others, I enjoy reading a mix of blogs.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I agree with all the categories. I want to be the neighbor I think.....I hope I add enough of my creative journey along with my neighborly over the fence self.

I guess these categories are why I have so many people I like to visit. Seems you can enjoy all sorts of people and gain information from them as well.

Debra Spincic said...

I've noticed these categories too. Sometimes I am more in the mood for one kind of blog over another. But, mainly, I am just interested in what my friends are doing.

I also like your new layout.

jenclair said...

Great categories, Kay. I also like the addition by The Calico Cat and Libby. Like Debra, sometimes I'm more in the mood for one kind or another, and I'm always interested in what my friends are up to!