Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Another Hiatus

I wish I had more new work to show, but I'm helping out at my sister's for a week, and don't have any quilting. Before I left home, I sewed together all the rows for the vintage block quilt and started putting the rows together. Here's one corner, done correctly this time. I've also made a plan for the border and final layout. Although they're not final, it's what I'm thinking about now. There's lots of piecing, but I think it will be worth it.

I'm now a total believer in Judy Martin's point trimmer tool. The blocks I made with that are so much more accurate than the earlier ones! When I reach a series of those, it's like being able to breathe freely--they fit together perfectly. No fiddling required. There's also less bulk to make the Janome stall at the intersection. And speaking of that, how can a machine that has trouble going over bulky seam allowances call itself a good quilting machine? Does anyone have a secret solution for this problem?


Libby Fife said...

I don't know the answer about your machine. I think the a similar thing with my Bernina though: For all of the money that I paid why does the machine not have an alarm letting me know that the bobbin thread is about to run out?????

Good looking border too, by the way.

Debra Spincic said...

Yesterday I took my 6500 to the shop for servicing. One day the tension is fine, the next it is lousy. When did servicing creep up to $99.95?

I've switched to my 1600P and I am in heaven. It's fast and furious. Reminds me of all the years of sewing on my Elna.

I believe this new quilt will be show worthy when you are done! Very excellent rescue.

Karendianne said...

Oh I think Debra is right about show worthy, Kay.

Barbara C said...

This is going to be a beauty Kay. I agree with Debra, after all the struggle with points and seams, it will be show-worthy.