Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun and Not Fun

In addition to quilting, I have been staining the deck rail. Our deck was showing its age, and after one of those long husband/wife philosophical differences which I never win, my husband replaced the floor himself instead of hiring a contractor. Six weeks later, it is almost ready to be used again. (Six weeks is actually a bit under my original estimate.) My only role in this was helping to stain the rail (not new). I have spent three hours for four mornings, but it is essentially done. The weather was perfect for these days, so I'm not really complaining except that my hands hurt from gripping a paint brush.

Yesterday afternoon I fastened, buried, and clipped many thread ends on the blue piece, and it is now ready to be blocked and bound. But rather than do that, I finished the afternoon by beginning to tame this

into this--blocks for a strippy guild charity quilt.

It felt so good to do something simple and fast after being so painstaking for so long. I hope to continue this project later today. There are plenty of strips left!


*karendianne. said...

"...after one of those long husband/wife philosophical arguments which I never win, ..." Why did I find this so kinda funny. Not really funny I reckon but still, it made me smile. I guess we all have those. Smiles? Yes but I mean the longggg P.A. :)

The deck looks like it was worth the effort though, yes?

And I love that strippy you're doing. I hope you get to do more this afternoon.

I'm working on the donated batik blocks (yes finally, shhh). Also, I have to tell you I changed my reader and more than a handle of people didn't make it over during the switch. I let it go but yesterday I was thinking "hmmm, haven't heard from Kay in a while." What did I find upon further investigation? Why you were missing from my Reader of course. I fixed that business last night. CAN'T have that going on. Sheesh. Now I feel as though all is right with the world.

Candace said...

Oh're multi-talented, Kay! The railing looks most professional!! And then you took your sore hands onto another task (but from the looks of it, something a lot more fun)!

Beena said...

The strip piecing play sounds like it was a lot of fun. Staining the deck every morning...not so much! It does look wonderful, though!

Libby Fife said...

I just love good scrap quilt!

Congrats on the deck as well-what I can see in the photos looks really beautiful. My parents have had the same deck for 30 years now and I can remember frequent repairs, paintings, stainings, etc-plus a lot of "philosophical differences"!

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

You've both done fabulously! I'm married to a contractor and my aging deck still has popped nails and never did get a railing ;) So, in my book, the two of you are a winning team...whether you won my book drawing or not! So, way to go!!