Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anne Lullie Workshop

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday at a workshop presented by Anne Lullie, one of the "Chicago School of Fusing" quilters.  We used some of her beautiful rainbow gradation hand-dyes to create a fused piece of our own.  It's was terrific fun, very relaxed and spontaneous.  Most of the group are traditional quilters, and many had never done any fusing before, so it was wonderful to see how everyone took to the process and how pleased they were with what they produced.

I had intended to blog about the workshop, but forgot my camera.  (Age, maybe?)  Here's a picture of some of the fabric with its lovely clear colors.   I also bought, and used, a less saturated version.

 The workshop pack was pre-fused, a wonderful thing for me because WonderUnder and I do not get along, but maybe I learned something about that too.  We'll see.  Anyway, I bought an extra 3/4 yard of pre-fused, and a piece of unfused also, so there may be some of this fabric showing up in future work.  I left the piece I started at the workshop unfinished because I wanted more time to think about what more it needed.

Also, reveals have started in the Interpret This! challenge; three pieces have already been posted, and are worth seeing.  Go take a look.


Barbara C said...

Very pretty start. I like the floral design in these bold colors. Your pillowcase dresses are also very nice. It's good to know someone who will personally take them to their intended recipients.

jenclair said...

The fabric is beautiful, and I'm loving what you have created so far!

Debra said...

Totally love the tulips! I am so enjoying the brighter colors lately. I hope you develop this piece further.

Libby Fife said...

That was a lucky class to take. Funny how I think of fusing as so mainstream and I guess it isn't:)

Your piece is off to a good start. Maybe it is done(?) but you were smart to wait and see.

Liz said...

That fabric has SO much potential! I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I can relate to your Wonder-Under issues. After some bad experiences I stopped buying it for quite awhile. There's an unopened package in the cupboard, tho - calling!