Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chicago Quilt Fest

Here are the highlights from my highly biased viewpoint.

I always like In the American Tradition exhibit, contemporary spins on traditional patterns.  Here's a favorite, all polka dots and stripes.  It's appropriately named Sunny Side Up, made by Tamna Tarr.

Another dependable highlight is Hands All Around, quilts from around the world.  This year's Japanese best, Spring Field by Akiko  Kawata:

Love, love, love this quilt.  (I actually like dandelions, too.)

Here's one I liked from Tactile Architecture,  Remembering Sweden, by Helena Scheffer.

And this should be familiar:

I bet the Hoffman Challenge people will never again choose such a drab fabric for the challenge.  Although the individual quilts are striking, the overall impression of the exhibit is dull.  Most people stuck to that earth tone palette, with only a couple of brave souls adding red, or in one case a reddish purple.

The best part, which I can't show, was the SAQA exhibit,  SAQA @20.  This was fabulous.  These quilts are art, no matter how you want to argue about the definition.  If this exhibit comes near you, it's well worth seeing.

And as a final note, this is the last year for this show in Chicago.  Apparently there have been many complaints about the venue, so next year the spring show goes to Cincinnati.  Too bad for those of us here; Cincinnati is not a day trip.


Kathie said...

LOVE your quilt, looks wonderful hanging there...
wow that quilt Sunny Side up is wonderful...
great use of colors in mho.
I am going to have to go look up what the SAQA exhibit is...I must be missing something big!
ps how was the shopping???

Beena said...

Thanks for sharing all those great quilts and your thoughts about the show.

Cincinnati???? They must be crazy!

KimQuiltz said...

Really beautiful! Thanks for sharing, especially the dandelion quilt, helps me appreciate my dandylawn!

And your elephant is stunning!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Kay....I was there yesterday too. I even took a picture of your quilt with lots of people admiring it. It did even more beautiful in reality.

I am so upset the show is moving to Ohio. I have already emailed them to express this disappointment because for me it will require at least 3 days off and that is only if I drive non stop two days.

I think they must be crazy!

Joan said...

Just visited your blog - its great! AND love your quilts :)

Barbara C said...

What a nice picture of you with your elephant quilt. I can imagine that the color palette of that exhibit must've leaned heavily in the taupe and putty color range, but yours really sparkles.

Libby Fife said...

Great pics so thank you. I especially love the architecture one.

You look fantastic next to your quilt. That is a real honor:0

I loved you comment about the SAQA quilts. Very bottom line and so very true.

jenclair said...

Love Sunny Side Up! Your Hoffman Challenge elephant will always be a favorite, and I'm glad you got to see another one of your quilts on display!

Debra said...

There was another year recently for the Hoffman challenge fabric that came across very beige--oh yea, this past year at IQF Houston the Hoffman section was bathed in beige. OK, let's see that is the same fabric we both used so that must be this past year's fabric. It was boring. I'm done with the Hoffman; but, happy to see that you are sticking with it!

Candace said...

Love what you shared with us, Kay! I would love to attend this show some year - I think I will need an extra pair of feet, however!
It's also great to see you and your Hoffman together!