Friday, April 02, 2010

What's Going On

Here's the new Interpret This photo.  My first reaction was that it's almost too easy to do the first thing that came to mind, so that means either a) I'm totally wrong about how easy it is, or b) if it's too easy, then it won't be interesting.  (Am I a pessimist, or what?)  Anyway, I pulled some fabric, made some notes, and things are simmering/festering/maturing in the creative part of the brain.

 I'm also working on the Hoffman challenge,  after waltzing around the idea for several days.  I have an idea and have been pulling fabrics for that too.  Today I made a paste up, played with it in Photoshop, and may start some actual sewing later.   All I'll say is that the colors will look a lot like the blocks I posted recently.  The Hoffman stuff was lying on a table nearby while I worked, and it looked lovely with those fabrics.  You see, a cluttered work area does encourage creativity!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, everybody.


Barbara C said...

Intriguing photo: I'm sure this one is going to produce some interesting work.

I've paired fabrics that happened to be piled up together too. You're right that there's an up side to being organizationally challenged.

Debra said...

My take is when you buy fabrics you tend to buy everything you like so it all goes together one way or another.

Candace said...

When I first saw this photo, I thought perhaps you had taken up fly fishing, Kay! It looks exactly like some of the areas I have fished!