Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ambitious plans for the week. This is the week that my husband goes to his annual Metals in Biology meeting in California, which relieves pressue for stuff like cooking dinner, and should allow more quilt time. What I hope to do:

l. finish parrots, decide on setting, and if setting is simple, finish the top

2. Either finish dark 9 patches for the scrap quilt border OR make a charity quilt based on these dorky little pastel 9 patches that I found stashed away. I plan to make a strip set with a white? setting triangles set off with strips of a blue depression style print I found with little scotty dogs. ( Cute, if you like that stuff.) Border I don't know yet, but will find something in the stash that will work. This will not be beautious, but will get fabric out of stash, and give me a chance to practice machine quilting, AND be useful for someone.

3. Also, I was thinking about what to do with these fabric I bought in Australia 2 1/2 years ago. I want to do something with circles to pick up the circle motif in the aboriginal designs--either a variation on drunkards patch or maybe follow ideas in Circle Play. I won't get to this project this week, but it is in the back of the mind.

Now we'll see how the week works out.

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