Friday, January 20, 2006


I'm working on the Hoffman Challenge again this year. Last year was my first entry, and I was thrilled to be chosen for the traveling exhibit. Because my husband and I were traveling from January to June, I didn't have a sewing machine. So I did an English paper piecing project, which seemed like a good idea at the time. I hated it; it was boring, made my carpal tunnel problems flare up again, I had trouble seeing the black (so there were some ugly stitches!), and I was totally sick of the colors by the end. But I kept at it, and it did fill some empty times. Having it chosen for the exhibit gave me a big head, let me tell you! Here's a picture. Imagine it as straight, and without the carpet showing :)

This year I'm trying again, but haven't gotten too far. Just narrowed down the colors I want to use, and am thinking of a parrot design of some kind, since that's what the fabric suggests to me for some reason.


Tracey said...

That is beautiful! I'm sorry that it was such a pain in the &$# to make...but the final result is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

cindyquilts said...

Beautiful seems so simple a word for such a complex appearing work of art. Thanks for sharing the pic.