Tuesday, January 17, 2006

city quilter

Just returned from a weekend in New York City and I managed to find The City Quilter, a shop I had read about in one of the magazines. It was worth the brief subway ride and walk in the rain. A bright, new shop with lots of lovely contemporary fabrics (no Thimbleberries in sight!), batiks, and some interesting Japanese fabrics including the taupe and beige ones. In spite of all the great stuff, all I bought was a piece of pink that I hope will work as background for my Hoffman Challenge piece. I probably could have found that in Shipshewanna. But I am having guilt at the huge amounts of fabric that is building up here, and exercised self control.

Later found a shop (MJ Trim on sixth avenue) selling buttons, trim, and all sorts of findings, and bought a purse handle to use for one piece of fabric I have been saving. The fad for funky cloth purses almost makes me wish I were selling them still. I clearly was ahead of the curve. :)

Can't do anything in the way of sewing until I finish painting the bedroom and the floor has been done--ugh. Time to work

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