Friday, January 13, 2006


I will begin by describing what I'm working on now, since that is easy to do, and then talk about past projects or new ones.

About two years ago I took a class from Mary Ellen Hopkins, and she described a "lifetime" scrap project. Basically, you cut your scraps into small squares (I used 2.5 inches, her maximum size!), arrange them in lights and darks, put them in a box, and whenever you are bored with current project that requires thought, you pull them out and make a block. The block is a split 9 patch which can be set in any log cabin setting. I am using a very unusual setting, and since I only had a partical picture of it, figuring out how to do it was a challenge. I currently have enough of the split blocks for a queen size quilt (I think) and am working on dark ones for a border. Since there are men hammering upstairs, I can't go out to buy fabric for my current "real" project and the scrap quilt is perfect.

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