Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blogger Beta

I'm back w/o many pictures. Will post what I have soon, but first I have to do a mini-rant. When I came home last night, I eagerly checked up on the blogs I had missed while away, and of course was unable to comment on the beta ones until I found Debra's suggestion to use "anonymous". But isn't this whole thing beyond annoying! What are they thinking! The whole ease of communication is going away. As for eventually "fixing" the lack of interface between Blogger and Blogger Beta, isn't it more likely that the old Blogger will just go away entirely, phased out as obsolete? Well, I will have to get a new Beta account, or at least a Google account that would allow me to post on Beta blocker. But apparently there are some risks here, and you can lose the ability to access the original blog. Does anyone have any additional information?


jenclair said...

I have heard nothing good so far about this change. I'm beginning to think "Typepad."

Kay said...

That may be the way to go. But that's a pain, too. What a mess.

debraspincic said...

You cannot access your old blog when you become a beta blogger. It is replaced by the new blog but you keep all the posts and pictures. I think you may be right that the old blogger will eventually go away. but, do remember--blogger is Free.