Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Work in Progress Wednesday--sort of

Pretty pathetic ammount of work in progress here. First there's the Quilt of Valor that Deb Geyer quilted. The quilt itself is not pathetic; it's just that it has been "in progress" for a long time. One more side of the binding to do. The stack of fabric represents fabric chosen to make a very quick baby quilt for my nephew's baby. Since this will be the third I've made a quilt for and I have never received a thank you note, it's hard to get too enthusiastic. However, I am TOLD by my sister that they like the quilts, and I have seen pictures of them in use, so I believe it. My kids aren't that great about thank you's either.

What else have I done today? I vaccumed because my book group is coming tomorrow, I had my hair done, and I helped my son revise his resume. Now I think I'll spend the rest of the day reading Bob Woodward's book. A sweep--no sewing!


Anonymous said...

without judgement - just pondering - was I the only one who had to write a thank you note before being able to play with a new toy or wear a new outfit? (I know I have to stand over my husband to make sure he writes a nice thank you note - after his mother calls and reminds him to write said note... Which irks me a bit because she lumps me in with him and the no note gang.)

Allison said...

Beautfiul colors in that baby quilt!

Rian said...

I am a stickler for thank you's. I made a wedding quilt for my stepdaughter that took me a year to make. I wanted to show it to her mother and she not only couldn't find it, she didn't remember that she even had it. Think she'll ever get another quilt? Do I sound bitter?

debraspincic said...

I sew my QoV bindings by machine. I was told secondhand by the longarmer that they want everything done by machine so there is no chance IVs or tubes or whatnot will get caught in handstitching. (Made me think that someone has some pretty big quilting stitches!)

I have thought (as a joke) that I should include a SASE with some of my quilts to friends of my son just so I know they get them. I did get a nice "relayed" thank you from one of them so I guess that counts.