Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm so happy to be home after being away for a week! I've been catching up on blog reading, and particularly the wonderful 12 x 12 x 12 Challenges on the Quilt Studio blog. Beautiful work, everybody, and what a range of techniques. This makes viewing them a learning experience as well as just eye-candy. I've been having trouble commenting as much as I would like, and have a question of those more Blogger-savvy than I am. Why do some people's comments open a new window, when some people's do not? I assume this is a setting, right? I have particular trouble with the comments that open in a new window. The response is very slow, and there is no sign that the comment has registered until it does, so I sometimes end up commenting twice. Is this just something about my internet connection, or is it more general? Can anything be done? I'd appreciate any hints, and meanwhile, I would love to comment on everyone's challenge work, but sometimes I can't. So if I haven't commented, blame it on technical difficulties!


Patti the Hardenbrook Girl said...

It's a setting on each blog. But the fact that the window opens slowly is something else. I think maybe it has to do with blog traffic, because sometimes it's much worse than others. But I'm just guessing about that.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Hi, welcome back. Yes it is a setting on the comment page
to get there login in new blogger
comment tab
show comments in a popup window?

Did you run a popup blocker? If so hold the CTRL key on your keyboard then click on comment. The comment window will display on your screen. If you have updated to Internet Explorer 7 a new tab will open with the comment window.

I alos agree with Patti the blogger traffic does slow things down.

Hope this helps.

Kay said...

Thanks, Debbi and Patti. I think I have stumbled across the solution myself. Sometimes I use Safari and sometimes Firefox as a browser. Blogger doesn't work as well with Safari, and that was apparently the problem.

The Calico Cat said...

I have no idea, but it happens to me too..