Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Busy today! I have been working on my lines for the Playing with Lines and Shapes class, and came up with some I liked. Since it's such a pain to get to my husband's scanner, I tried enlarging them at Copy Max with the idea of taking a picture and sending them that way. But then I realized that since the computer has Adobe Illustrator I can draw lines that way. So I bought a book, made more lines, and sent them in. Here are some more, not the ones I sent in, and not even the best ones, but just some samples I made playing with the brush tools. Tomorrow I will work on using layers so that I can make changes and compare them. I'm so excited about this program. I think I can use it for sketching quite a few things for quilt projects, if I can figure it out. It certainly does more than I will ever need to do, but anything new I learn is valuable at this point. Even the fact that I posted it on this blog! Senility is still not on the horizon.

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