Sunday, February 12, 2006

When Creativity Goes Bad

Two weeks ago I started reading The Artist's Way, and although I really haven't done many of the exercises except the morning pages, I feel as though I have creativity ADD. There are so many ideas firing out at random that I can't really seem to focus and accomplish anything. I have no idea if this is a good thing. Since yesterday I have: done enough strip pieced blocks from scraps to make another charity quilt like the one above, made changes to my "woodland creature" arty thing (this is after it was bound and supposedly finished!!!), and cut out some pieces of fabric to play with the Japanese puzzle project that was in American Quilter a few issues back.

I also tried unsuccessfully to figure out how to translate another one of my class sketches into fabric, and used Quilt Pro to work on the layout for the Australian fabrics. And then of course, playing around with posting for the blog is another creative (?) activity. I have NOT worked on sewing together scrap quilt strips or marked the parrot quilt for layering, two near finished UFO's . Just not creative enough, I guess.

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