Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Jenny on the Scraps blog posted some wonderful Franz Marc paintings for inspiration. With no pretensions that it's anything great, I am posting a baby quilt I made using color scheme based on Picasso's portrait of his mistress Dora Maar. Bought a postcard of it at the Musee Picasso this summer and a friend's new baby gave me the reason to make this cheerful quilt. I actually had all the fabric in my stash too, although the border took some strange cutting to make the fabric work. I was very happy with the way this turned out, and the new Mom was too.

Forgot to say that the pattern is from M'Liss Rae Hawley's latest fat quarter book. I don't usually use patterns, but this seemed perfect. Also she called the pattern Serendipity, and that seemed to fit my situation too! It was easy and went together fast.

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Scrapmaker said...

Terrific quilt, and we take our inspiration from wherever it comes, yes? Color and design are part of every quilt when you are the one making the choices.

I'm so glad you posted this. It is exactly my point, that art gives inspiration NO MATTER what your choice of quilting style. Jen