Sunday, February 19, 2006


The view from my dining room window this morning. So beautiful, but are they welcome? I had to drive them away because they were munching on my witch hazel bush (which was blooming before this Arctic blast came in), and with incredible grace they ran across the driveway, leaped the fence and a fallen tree, and disappeared into the neighbor's property. I hope they found something less precious to eat, and stayed out of the road.


Nines said...

looks like a postcard. My mom has troubles with them eating her flowers, also. You'll be kept busy if you have to shoo them away every morning- or evening. I like the Indiana roadside quilt, also- nice light movement. From one Jane Austin fan to another- visit anytime- I'll keep a pot of tea on for you! Nines

Deb H said...

We get moose in our yard. They don't usually come in large gangs like that though.The most we've ever had is a mom with 2 young ones,or a bull following a cow & her calf in Autumn. They do devestate the landscaping though. I try to plant things they don't care to eat, & I love it when they hang out here. Your colors on your quilts are lovely. They look dappled with light & movement.