Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not having touched fabric yesterday, I started out today by making blocks for guild block exchange tomorrow night. How many ways can a person screw up? First in cutting--I cut the last strip of blue fabric two inches instead of two-and-a-half, leaving me with a nice 2 1/4 strip. A creative opportunity to use two blue fabrics, probably a good thing, although some guild members may not be pleased. Then I sewed the patches together wrong at least three times. Block on right is the correct one; it's called Grecian Cross. Block on left is wrong--a variation of Shoofly or Churn Dash or one of those more familiar ones. I like it better, which is good because I will keep it for myself and take the others to the exchange! The two blocks together create and interesting optical illusion, both the same size but appearing different.

I now have about thirty blocks from this exchange, all blue and white. Pretty boring actually, since they're mostly medium blue fabrics that read as solid. I'm looking forward to putting them together. It will be a good chance to try some of Sharyn Craig's ideas.

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